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6 More Cool Steampunk Weapons

We previously hunted down 5 Cool Steampunk Weapons. Based on the excitement that stirred up, we decided to hunt down six more steampunk weapons.

Credit: Dreadartist

Steampunk Depth Charge

Okay, I admit, upon first site, I imagined a steampunk version of Princess Leia before Jabba the Hutt sporting a thermal detonator.

Nevertheless, this little brass-finished gem is more like a depth charge.

Take it aboard your favorite steampunk vessel, and you’re ready to hunt enemy ships! Imagine a real

Either way, this thing has all the right hardware with its rough finish.

World War Robot

Steampunk is loaded with mechanical inventions. We all know that. Many include robots in various forms, including this one.

I’ll confess, this looks like a steampunk-ier (and darker) version of a Minion. I laughed at those movies. Don’t think I’d be laughing at this one. But I’d be gripping the seat to see these suckers in action.

Whether it’s a Great War movie or a grown-up version of Despicable Me, I’d pay the cash to see this thing in action. Wouldn’t you?

Steampunk Pistol

The detail of this pistol is INCREDIBLE! I’d love to spend the afternoon on the range testing this bad boy out.

This is the sidearm for Ret. Colonel Harry “Wolfgrin” Harlot. (BTW, if you check out this fellow steampunk denizen’s cosplay role, I think you’ll agree…it’s pretty cool!)

Unless you’re rooted in a more fantasy-oriented steampunk tale, a pistol firearm is key for a steampunk weapon.

Credit: DeviantArt

Steampunk Hand Cannon

If you weren’t aware, hand cannon is another word for shot gun.

Can you imagine the Terminator set in 1884 instead of 1984? If so, this would be first weapon I could imagine Schwarzenegger picking up, ehh?

In fact, there are MANY movies I really love that I could readily imagine being recast a century earlier with everything subtly redone. After all, what if John Connor were decked out with goggles and leading an army equipped with brass-finished weapons against an army of mechanical robots?

I’d CERTAINLY take that over Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

Airship Pirate Cutlass

This isn’t a rendering in 3D modeling. It’s a real weapon. And it can be yours. (Don’t ask me how to ship this thing legally…I just work here!)

Of course who WOULDN’T want a steampunk-ish Bat’leth?

Truth be told, whether you are some alternate history Klingon defending your honor, or a sailor about a 19th Century airship, you need the right weapon to defend against boarders.

Credit: Pure Costumes

Steampunk Mallet

Despite having mentioned a couple movies I’ve enjoyed being rebooted with a steampunk flair, I have NOT imagined Thor (one of my favorite characters from the MCU franchise) flitting about with THIS as an alternate Mjolnir.

But you can’t deny that this prop would nicely complement things, should you wish to complete your look.

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