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6 Wicked Steampunk Cars

We previously hunted down a fistful of steampunk vehicles. Airships, seas ships, and more. You clearly loved them, so we decided to track down six more steampunk cars!

Steampunk Light Cycle

I know we said cars up above, but you can’t just walk past this light cycle reimagined with a steampunk flair and not gawk!

As a big time fan of Tron (both the original and the new one), I really enjoy the spirit of this vehicle. The lines are crisp, the sheen perfect.

Now what would finish the look perfectly? A rider with a bladed weapon perhaps?

Steampunk Herbie

This paint job is pretty cool. Indeed, it is just a paint job. Some people have dinged it being just that.

Not me. I like the look and feel. Especially the paint-peeling-to-reveal-something-deeper.

Now if YOU want to fashion a REAL VW Bug with real gears and real depth, by all means. Do it! (And get back to us. We’d love to share it here at YA Steampunk).

Steampunk Car/Bike/I-Don’t-Know

I’m not even sure what this is. But I love it!

It’s functional. It reeks of the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. And it even comes as video instead of just a snapshot.

All I can say is, I’ll be following whatever else this guy cranks out of his shop.

Steampunk Hovercraft/Car

Credit: ArtStation

Which one do you prefer? The top or the bottom?

Trick question–they’re both trippin’. They may stray toward dieselpunk, but no matter.

The hovercraft that blends in the taste of a Rolls Royce is beauty. As for the bottom one, the raw power is delicious.

Steampunk Lego Car

Credit: MadPhysicist

This artist decided to emulate Nemo’s car from that steampunk movie, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

I mean come on…who can pass up a Lego car! It looks nice and not overwrought. The lines are NOT clean. (And that’s good). Legos sometimes confine what you can do…and this person managed to work around those limitations. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even know it was Lego until I zoomed in.

Fire-breathing Steampunk Truck

To wrap up this collection of wicked steampunk cars, we’re going with a bang. Check out this fire-breathing truck.

The core cab of the truck looks pretty simple. But with a cow-catcher on front, a vintage trailer bed in the back, and flaming vents on the side, don’t you want to take it for a ride?

I do!

That’s all we have time for today. Follow along and catch out other posts.

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