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Do you know the truth?

He sought acclaim as a mathematician.

That was Ramanujan’s cover story for traveling from India to Cambridge.

Few knew his true mission. Tracking down a murderer.

Steampunk meets murder mystery as you learn the true story of one of the most famous mathematicians of the past century.

  • 6 Teenage Steampunk Novels You Should Read

    To kick off 2021 with a bang, we went digging for…YA Steampunk novels. And found a nice collection. Some are even free! Check it out.

    Save Yourself

    “They’re after you. But which you…?”

    Dr. Laney Carter is a Nobel-prize-winning physicist, awarded for her groundbreaking experimental research on string theory and quantum universes, and then led her team to […]

  • A Steampunk/Gaslamp Fantasy Series You Should Read

    Looking for something to enjoy as the frosty winds blow? Do you dig steampunk AND gaslamp fantasy? Then check out A. W. Exley’s Artifact Hunter’s Series. It’s wicked in all the right ways.

    Nefertiti’s Heart

    Cara Devon has always been curious and impulsive, but tangling with a serial killer might cure that. Permanently.

    Cara has a simple mission […]

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    One thing that’s key is finding a steampunk series you really enjoy. Many authors like to bundle their most popular series into a boxed set for you to snag all at once.

    We’ve scoured far and wide looking for some steampunk boxed sets you should enjoy!

    Heritage of Power (1-5)

    Dragons have returned to the world, and they’re […]

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    Have you hung the wreath on your front door yet? Decorated the fireplace with stockings? (Or, perhaps, pulled out that space heater you use every year?) One thing you don’t want to miss is snagging a really cool ya steampunk series for Christmas!

    Mortal Engines

    London is hunting again. Emerging from its hiding place in the hills, […]

  • A Steampunk Fantasy Series You Should Check Out

    We recently gave away a copy of To Kill a Unicorn in paperback form (along with a bunch of other goodies). That book is uber cool, but so is the rest of that steampunk fantasy series!

    Imagine a series with an assassin who has left the business because he’s had enough. But then gets dragged back […]

  • 5 Steampunk Alice in Wonderland Stories You’ll Want to Read

    We previously mentioned a fistful of steampunk fairy tales.

    Today we checking out another popular tale–steampunk Alice in Wonderland! Lewis Carroll’s original tale was silly, ridiculous…and fun. I’m sure you’ve seen bits and pieces, if not the whole thing, produced by Disney in 1951.

    But Alice in Wonderland has spawned almost its own sub-genre, extending all […]

  • 6 Cool Steampunk Fairy Tales You Should Be Reading

    If there’s something that’s fun to do, it’s curling up before the fire (or perhaps a seasonal space heater?) and enjoying a fairy tale.

    Only we don’t settle for just any fairy tale. We want a steampunk one!

    Say no more. Check out this collection of steampunk fairy tales!

    Ice and Embers: Steampunk Snow Queen

    t takes more than […]

  • 7 Ways to Trick Out Your Steampunk Apartment

    We previously wrote some cool things to turn your home into a steampunk home. That was so popular, we have expanded the search to include your steampunk apartment!

    Credit: John Dennehy

    Credit: Joanna Bell

    Steampunk Apartment

    The lighting is a bit tricky, but there’s enough to see this real cool pad, ehh? The fixtures on the ceiling, the nicely […]

  • 6 Ways to Live in a Steampunk Home

    We scoured the internet for various ways to live the steampunk life. A steampunk home (or at least one with aspects of it) would be most entertaining. And would certainly serve as a conversation starter at your next party. So, check out what we found!

    Credit: Deborah Bullard

    Steampunk Study

    A full-scale piano nicely laid inside an iron-works […]