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6 Ways to Live in a Steampunk Home

We scoured the internet for various ways to live the steampunk life. A steampunk home (or at least one with aspects of it) would be most entertaining. And would certainly serve as a conversation starter at your next party. So, check out what we found!

Steampunk Study

A full-scale piano nicely laid inside an iron-works conservatory is quite elegant. The large books, gothic light fixtures, and bushy plants add a nice touch.

This could be your house…however it’s presently someone else’s. The 999 happy haunts found in the Disney World’s Haunted Mansion presently enjoy this steampunk-themed study.

Credit: The Fox Decor

Steampunk Clock

A proper item to grace any abode is a clock. Gears make up the center. A nice rusty finish gives it a top notch, steampunk, industrial vibe.

And it can be yours! When it comes to home decor, clocks come in a bazillion styles. You can dial in the look-and-feel, and with this one, you can give your apartment or home a steampunk-ish feel.

Credit: Cherie Jones

Steampunk Knobs

Okay, maybe you are looking for something smaller. Something that doesn’t require as much commitment.

This set of steampunk-themed knobs can be fitted to any piece of furniture you like. Tricked out with gears, clocks, and other fine features, you can dress things up a little in your pad.

Steampunk Bedroom

This cute little bedroom, sporting a twin-sized bed and chair, looks like it would nicely aboard a steampunk vessel.

The secretary at the foot of the bed with the atmos clock and shaded lamp round out the look quite nicely!

Steampunk Room

A nice, simple, and demure room can also be appealing. The mahogany desk and chair with its lamp is nice for writing. The foot lamp and wingback chair are nice for reading.

And in case you didn’t know it, this nice little room was actually Al Capone’s prison cell in Pennsylvania! So…maybe NOT the best theme for creating your steampunk mansion, ehh?

Credit: Ed

Steampunk Living Room

This highly ornate living room has all the trimmings I’d want in my steampunk mansion.

The detailed wood finishes, a circling walkway leading from the upper level to the lower, and the luxurious fireplace do the trick!

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