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7 Ways to Trick Out Your Steampunk Apartment

We previously wrote some cool things to turn your home into a steampunk home. That was so popular, we have expanded the search to include your steampunk apartment!

Credit: John Dennehy
Credit: Joanna Bell

Steampunk Apartment

The lighting is a bit tricky, but there’s enough to see this real cool pad, ehh? The fixtures on the ceiling, the nicely wrought TV decor, and the cabinet on the left are pretty cool.

The kitchen is pretty cool, ehh? I could get used to this.

Credit: Nicki Wilds

Steampunk Island

If an entire apartment is a bit much, perhaps something a bit smaller. Like a beautiful island with wrought iron stools and tiffany-styled lamp fixtures?

The intricate mahogany wood finish is incredible as well. Tied in with the espresso-colored cabinets in the kitchen, it makes for a fine look indeed.

Steampunk Home Computer

Maybe this is pushing it, but since your apartment will need a computer, why not fit it with all the right trimmings?

The really cool keyboard sets the stage. Combined with the cushioned pad for your wrists, it makes a nice setting. Whether or not you put a steampunk-themed wallpaper on your machine (YA Steampunk anyone??) is up to you.

Are you prepped for a steampunk Zoom chat??

Yes, you can have it, but we warn you–the price is a bit steep.

Credit: GregsHome

Steampunk Doorknob

Instead of seeking an entire apartment, or even a kitchen, perhaps something smaller like an octopus-brass doorknob?

And again, Etsy never fails to bring to you the opportunity to have it all. It’s list for $110. Apparently the builder originally designed the handles for his boat. But thanks to popular acclaim, he held onto the molds and now offers to share the love.

Steampunk Timer

For starters, this piece of Victorian engineering is a work of art. You could hang this in the middle of the living room wall. Or perhaps right next to your clock.

Or…you could use it as designed–as a kitchen timer. (Check the link above to see a video!)

Steampunk Accoutrements

Then again, you could simply decorate your apartment with bits and pieces of steampunk decor. These Alice in Wonderland bottles are perfect. Any sort of antique bottles can add a bit of depth to your place.

Credit: Bellacor

Another Steampunk Clock

And we would be remiss if we didn’t include another fine steampunk-themed clock. This one, fitted with lots of gears along with a functioning clock could add the perfect touch to your apartment.

That’s all the time we have for today. But let’s stay in touch!

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