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Do you know the truth?

He sought acclaim as a mathematician.

That was Ramanujan’s cover story for traveling from India to Cambridge.

Few knew his true mission. Tracking down a murderer.

Steampunk meets murder mystery as you learn the true story of one of the most famous mathematicians of the past century.

  • A Steampunk Mystery Series You Need to Read

    We recently interviewed Dan Willis, the author of the Arcane Casebook steampunk mystery series. This series is incredibly popular. You can tell because the reviews aren’t just on the first book. It has record setting reviews on ALL the titles…including over a hundred on the one just released last month.

    In Plain Sight

    When a magical plague […]

  • Alan Dean Foster and Why #DisneyMustPay

    There’s a huge controversy that has erupted on social media. It appears that Disney, in its acquisition of LucasFilm, decided to stop paying some of its authors. Most notably, Alan Dean Foster.

    Who is this man? Perhaps you’ve heard of one of his earliest works? The first novel of the Star Wars franchise. (He ghost wrote […]

  • A Gripping Gaslamp Fantasy Series You Should Read

    The Falling Empires Saga is is a new gaslamp fantasy series from Robert H. Fleming. If you like deep fantasy worlds filled with colorful characters and massive battles, the gods and generals of the Falling Empires Saga is for you!

    The Fall of Erlon

    As Empires Burn, Heroes Must Rise.

    Elisa Lannes was once heiress to the mighty […]

  • An Awesome YA Steampunk Series You Should Check Out

    This YA steampunk series looks pretty cool. The covers are sleek, and the stories are gripping.

    Join the adventure as best friends Adal and Arija fight their way through zombies, plagues, and countless battles. Each new world they visit comes with deadly challenges and unforeseen risks.

    Yet nothing they’ve faced can prepare them for the darkness rising.

    A […]

  • A Cool YA Steampunk Children’s Series You Should Read

    We posted about a steampunk romance series. And based on the response, we tracked down a really cool steampunk children’s series you should get a kick out of.

    Steampunk is the cool world of old machines and gadgets stirred in with Victorian/Edwardian clothing and a gritty world. And this series captures it all!


    A supernatural swarm. A […]

  • A Steampunk Romance Series You Should Be Reading

    I have often enjoyed classic fairy tales retold but with a different spin. (Believe it or not, Disney’s fairy tales were actually a retelling of fairy tales of long ago!) Check out this wonderful steampunk romance series by Nancy Campbell Allen!

    Beauty and the Clockwork Beast

    When Lucy Pickett arrives at Blackwell Manor to tend to her […]

  • 6 Wicked Steampunk Cars

    We previously hunted down a fistful of steampunk vehicles. Airships, seas ships, and more. You clearly loved them, so we decided to track down six more steampunk cars!

    Steampunk Light Cycle

    Credit: Throttle Extreme

    I know we said cars up above, but you can’t just walk past this light cycle reimagined with a steampunk flair and not gawk!

    As […]

  • 6 More Cool Steampunk Weapons

    We previously hunted down 5 Cool Steampunk Weapons. Based on the excitement that stirred up, we decided to hunt down six more steampunk weapons.

    Credit: Dreadartist

    Steampunk Depth Charge

    Okay, I admit, upon first site, I imagined a steampunk version of Princess Leia before Jabba the Hutt sporting a thermal detonator.

    Nevertheless, this little brass-finished gem is more like […]