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Do you know the truth?

He sought acclaim as a mathematician.

That was Ramanujan’s cover story for traveling from India to Cambridge.

Few knew his true mission. Tracking down a murderer.

Steampunk meets murder mystery as you learn the true story of one of the most famous mathematicians of the past century.

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    “Well if it ain’t that then what was it?”

    “It was all those damn fool bankers in New York.”


    “Yeah, bankers. They’re the ones who […]

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    For a mistake to be corrected, it must first be made.

    Tenets such as this are the foundation upon which Quentin Gardiner […]

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    Credit: Steampunk Tribune

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    Murder on Black Swan Lake (A Wrexford & Sloane Mystery Book 1)

    The Earl of Wrexford possesses a brilliant scientific mind, but boredom and pride lead him […]

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    Tower Climber

    They say only fools enter the tower…

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    But citizens aren’t allowed to climb, they aren’t even allowed remotely in the vicinity of the […]

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    In today’s video, we talk about 9 free steampunk scifi novels you can grab today!

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    Go out and grab these novels today!

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