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An Awesome YA Steampunk Series You Should Check Out

This YA steampunk series looks pretty cool. The covers are sleek, and the stories are gripping.

Join the adventure as best friends Adal and Arija fight their way through zombies, plagues, and countless battles. Each new world they visit comes with deadly challenges and unforeseen risks.

Yet nothing they’ve faced can prepare them for the darkness rising.

A war is brewing with a force that will span realms. As their feelings for one another grow, Adal and Arija must lean on each other if they hope to survive. Follow their growing team of misfits in this sci-fi action packed series.

Webley and The World Machine

A strange coin. A mysterious elevator. And a war deep within the Earth that could destroy the world.

Adal and Arija weren’t concerned with what makes the world go round until they followed an old coin into a dark cave. Deep within the Earth is a world they never dreamed possible. A world that will challenge their most important beliefs. A world that will soon be torn apart by war.

Webley controls the center of Earth, but not all his creations are happy.

When the hidden plot to overthrow him turns violent, Adal and Arija are forced to choose sides. But the dangers are more than they could have predicted. Will their hidden feelings for each other help them through it, or rip them and the world apart?

This one sounds pretty cool. Grab your copy today!

Kip and The Grinders

A new world.

A new challenge.

And an unhinged psychopath.

When Adal and Arija jump into a portal they find themselves in a world unlike anything they could have imagined. As they search their new surroundings for Kip, they realize things aren’t what they thought. And now they’re being hunted.

All Ypsilon cares about is her gang, her boyfriend and having a good time. But when two strangers come to her for help, she’s forced to choose between her comfortable life and doing what’s right.

And man does that piss her off.

Can Adal and Arija trust Ypsilon and her gang of crazies or will she throw them to the wolves?

Sounds like a pretty good follow-up. I’d get it as well!

Arija and The Burning City

In a city filled with angels and demons, the real monsters are harder to find.

When Arija jumps through a portal, she finds herself in the most beautiful city she’s ever seen. But looks can be deceiving. Has she found a paradise or is it Hell?

Adal can’t believe he let Arija go into the portal alone. When he goes in looking for her, he finds himself in a hellscape. With a demon around every corner, Adal must find his girlfriend before it’s too late.

But someone watches from the shadows.

When heaven and Hell collide, Adal and Arija must figure out who they can trust. Will they solve the puzzle before it’s too late?

If you like Cassandra Clare, you’ll love this twisted tale reminiscent of The Labyrinth because of the betrayal, the temptation and the edge of your seat action.

Wow. This series does not slow down. Grab it today!

Ypsilon and The Plague Doctor

A missing Creator. An army of mechanical zombies. And a devastating secret that will destroy everything.

Adal, Arija and the rest of their team are happy to be back home in the World Machine. But before they can get comfortable, things start to heat back up between the Dwellers that live in the Machine and those that would see it destroyed. Webley is the only one who can quell the buzz of war, but the Creator has gone missing.

That’s when the screaming starts.

Reports of a masked creature spread like the plague. Then a virus breaks out in the Machine. A virus that turns the Dwellers into Zombies. Can the team unmask the doctor and find a cure before the virus destroys the world?

I’m grabbing a copy right now!

Hold on tight, because the author is head down, working on three more additions to this already smoking series!

If you’re interested there is romance series you should check out as well!

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