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Another Steampunk Romance Series That You Can’t Put Down

We previously mentioned a some free steampunk fiction books. One of those, The Tin Rose, is part of a really cool steampunk romance series you won’t be able to put down!

The Tin Rose

A gypsy’s promise. A clockwork poison. A race to save a love balanced on the edge.

On the night they were to elope, a spurned lover returned. A gift, she claimed. But the clockwork contraption unwound a poisonous bloom, sending Lady Emily and Luca, her gypsy love, on a desperate race to reach the cure.

THE TIN ROSE is a story set in the Elemental Steampunk World, including The Elemental Steampunk Chronicles, Elemental Steampunk Tales, and Elemental Steampunk Stories. The worlds are intertwined. Check it out!

Krakens and Canals

An old love. A giant kraken. A dive into the infested canals of Venice.

Time has run out. Rules must be broken and her patron’s wrath risked. To save the woman who raised her, Lady Judith must visit the underwater grotto of a giant lagoon kraken.

Survival isn’t guaranteed, but Arturo will not let his love face the dangers of the canals alone.

KRAKEN AND CANALS is a story set in the same series, amidst the bigger universe Anne Renwick has created. Grab it today!

Rust and Steam

A speeding train. A determined villain. A reconciliation of broken hearts.

Lady Alice Hemsworth wasn’t supposed to fall in love. It was her duty not to. Alas, she’d failed miserably. Mr. Benjamin Leighton – despite being turned away by the steam butler – can’t stop thinking about her. Alone, both are miserable, until a deadly encounter throws them together on the night train to London.

Rust and Steam is a story set in the Elemental Steampunk World. Grab it on audio and paperback.

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