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Alan Dean Foster and Why #DisneyMustPay

There’s a huge controversy that has erupted on social media. It appears that Disney, in its acquisition of LucasFilm, decided to stop paying some of its authors. Most notably, Alan Dean Foster.

Who is this man? Perhaps you’ve heard of one of his earliest works? The first novel of the Star Wars franchise. (He ghost wrote it for George Lucas).

He’s been involved in multiple franchises including Star Wars, Star Trek, Predator, The Last Starfighter, and more. He’s a New York Times bestselling author, has sold millions of units, and it quite well known in the scifi community.

If Disney thinks they can buy the rights and sidesteps the obligations to someone of such prominence, what are they and other companies willing to do fledgling authors?

This is why YA Steampunk and The Indie Steampunk Alliance has set aside our usual blogging about steampunk and gaslamp fantasy, to instead raise awareness of this critical issue.

Disney apparently won’t give this guy nor his lawyers the time of day unless the enter discussions under the guise of an NDA. That is pretty shifty. And that’s why we must all shout on various channels of social the #DisneyMustPay hashtag.

“Reputations. A lifetime to build. Seconds to destroy.”

Captain Shakespeare (Stardust)

Disney has long held a reputation at being family-friendly and doing the Right Thing. But not now.

If Disney ruins its reputation, it may never recover.

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