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5 Cool Steampunk Weapons You Should Check Out

Whether it’s a movie, a book, or a game, weapons happen to be key elements of stories. Sometimes, it’s a simple pistol or perhaps a knife. But even the simplest steampunk weapons can be rendered a bit cooler than our everyday humdrum lives.

Steampunk Weapon Pack 3D

Sure you’d like to SEE the weapons show up in your favorite game. But what if you’re using Blender or some other 3D modeling software? Then certainly you’d like to consider BUYING some already modeled stuff, ehh?

This collection contains a little bit of everything. Pistols, knives (Crocodile Dundee would be proud!), rocket launchers, elephant guns, scoped rifles (steampunks meets Halo??), even a Tommy submachine gun.

All I can is…cool!

If I were building a game, I’d certainly consider buying this whole pack.

A Beautiful Collection…of Art

Sure, a 3D modeled set is cool. But sometimes, you just need an artist’s rendition of a nice collection.

Trabago777 has created an elegant print.

You can snag a copy of the print for less than $7. Make it your desktop’s background wallpaper.

Weapons for an Upcoming Game

We previously mentioned the possibility that inXile is designing their next RPG game to be steampunk themed. The clue is the lead developer’s Pinterest board, showing gobs and gobs of pre-rendered weapons artwork.

That…is cool. Can I get one??

Steampunk Weapon Sounds

So you need steampunk weapons. Maybe for a movie you’re putting together. Got the sounds?

That’s right. You can purchase a slew of sound effects. I listened for thirty seconds to the sample, and was entranced!

Steampunk Iron Man

You’ve probably seen LOTS of things mixed with steampunk theming. Do any of them include Iron Man?

CraftedSteampunk has crafted a highly detailed impression of a power glove (even in the Iron Man pose!), and it’s glorious.

I can only imagine what the whole suit would be!


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