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Why Does Steampunk Resonate Today?

Steampunk is a world not just of books, but arts, crafts, clothing and more. It’s based upon 19th century steam-powered technology. Victorian & Edwardian clothing, and mechanically-styled tech.

We’re living in the 21st century, so why does steampunk resonate today?

I have a hunch. A guess. Stick with me on this.

Odds are, you have a smartphone with access to the internet. And a whole world of other technology like cars, computers, TV, and more. A world of information, served up on a platter.

And many people wonder if that isn’t a little TOO convenient.

Many of us romanticize the idea of a simpler world. Something where we aren’t as plugged in. And perhaps a more civilized nature to things. Steampunk connects us to a place where perhaps there is a little more manners and politeness, and maybe a little less in-your-face technology.

Why are foggy streets in London so intriguing? Probably the same reason we are captivated by cozy steampunk mysteries. It has a certain charm in look and grace.

We all LOVE either a romance, a mystery, or a thriller. We just dig it if the characters dress up for the part and utilize a bit of that charm and wit from the Old World. Am I right?

It’s also the reason you can leaf through pages of art projects on Etsy and find things by artists. Heck, there’s a Facebook groups dedicated to steampunk art! It’s simple, elegant, and something we can feel and grasp.

At least, that’s what I like about steampunk and whatever subgenre I’m reading. So…what is it about steampunk that resonates with you? Share it with us in the comments.

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