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What is Gaslamp Fantasy and Why Should I Care

You may be used to reading steampunk novels, watching the movies, and hanging out in the Facebook groups. But what about Gaslamp Fantasy? This article will introduce you to steampunk’s cousin, and why you should check it out!

Gaslamp Fantasy is Steampunk’s Cousin

Set in the late 18th Century/early 19th Century, Gaslamp Fantasy shares a very common location with steampunk. You can expect things like good ole’ foggytown (i.e. old London), people dressed in Victorian and Edwardian clothing, and a certain sense of “politeness.”

Of course, someone trying to take out a 1930s noir detective isn’t NICE. They’re just…more civil about it. 😉

So if you are already enamored with the charm and locations of steampunk novels, then you’ll certainly find Gaslamp Fantasy equally engaging.

Gaslamp Fantasy is more magical and less technological

Admit it…we all have a certain fascination with those steam-powered gadgets. Heck, I just saw an actionable cell phone cover that I wanted to snatch up the other day!

There are certainly plenty of steampunk book series that have magic, so it’s hard to tell where the line is. But something that is less like that Will Smith/Kevin Kline Wild Wild West movie and more like Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files (though that series is really modern day, not historical).

You can also look at Dan Willis’ Arcane Casebook series, and perhaps judge that as definitely being a member of the Gaslamp Fantasy genre.

If you like a little magic mixed into your steampunk, then you should definitely check it out. There are some really great stories you will enjoy.

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