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Top 6 Free Gaslamp Fantasy Books

In case you haven’t heard, steampunk has a cousin: Gaslamp Fantasy. It’s a genre set in the late 18th Century/early 19th Century. It steers away from technology and more towards magic. It may have a familiar feel in that people still dress with Victorian/Edwardian styles, and often end up in places like foggy London.

Which is why so many steampunk fans also enjoy Gaslamp Fantasy. If you haven’t tip toed into it yet (or…perhaps you have?), then check out these six free Gaslamp Fantasy books!

The Watchmaker’s Daughter

India Steele is desperate. Her father is dead, her fiancé took her inheritance, and no one will employ her, despite years working for her watchmaker father. Indeed, the other London watchmakers seem frightened of her. Alone, poor, and at the end of her tether, India takes employment with the only person who’ll accept her – an enigmatic and mysterious man from America. A man who possesses a strange watch that rejuvenates him when he’s ill.

Matthew Glass must find a particular watchmaker, but he won’t tell India why any old one won’t do. Nor will he tell her what he does back home, and how he can afford to stay in a house in one of London’s best streets. So when she reads about an American outlaw known as the Dark Rider arriving in England, she suspects Mr. Glass is the fugitive. When danger comes to their door, she’s certain of it. But if she notifies the authorities, she’ll find herself unemployed and homeless again – and she will have betrayed the man who saved her life.

Grab your copy today!

Dawn’s Promise

A heart prepared to die that has never lived or loved…
Born with fragile health, Dawn Uxbridge has lived a sheltered existence. Her lonely days are filled by drawing fanciful landscapes and nurturing plants. When tragedy strikes, she finds herself alone and penniless with only one talent – a green thumb.

Jasper, the Earl of Seton, is in need of a gardener to reclaim his derelict estate in the remote west of England. He expected a robust commoner, not a fragile young woman. With the next train a week away, Dawn has one chance to change the earl’s mind and earn her place.

But all is not as it seems at the ancestral manor. The estate is full of secrets, ravens cluster on the parapets, and a ghostly young woman cries out at night. This garden conceals a rotten heart, and it plans to squeeze the last beat from Dawn’s…

Another sizzler by A.W. Exley? Sign me up!


A Mysterious Clock Controls Time. What Happens When It Breaks?

The clock tower is the center of the town of Time. It counts down the hours, minutes and seconds of every passing day. Unbeknownst to the local inhabitants, it is at the center of a great deal more than that. It is the center of the universe and controls time itself. But it is old and beginning to break, sending the world’s inhabitants skipping forward and back through time.

Seventeen-year-old Jera Wythnos, betrothed to marry a powerful lord, runs to escape her responsibilities and pursue her dream of traveling the world. Hot on her heels is her betrothed, moving heaven and earth to find her before the wedding day.

Elian Stump is an outlaw on the run from a bungled heist, but he carries with him a dangerous secret that threatens to either free or ensnare the world.

They confront sinister forces at every turn, hell bent on preventing them from achieving their goal, and taking control of the clock tower for themselves.

The universe has chosen this unlikely pair to collect all three replacement clock pieces scattered across the world before the clock tower, and time, breaks for good. On their journey they make friends and enemies, encounter strange and wonderful mythical creatures, and face their own internal demons.

I love a good time travel adventure, which is why I’m downloading it now!

Raven’s Sight

Raven has been locked away from Victorian Society since she was nine. Now, eighteen, a secret comes out of the darkness that will pull her from the safety of her Grandmother’s mansion and into a world where the very thing that makes her unique, is also a curse.

Girls who can see ghosts and memories are locked away for being insane, so Raven must keep her secret while communicating with the dead to hunt a serial killer, one that’s a little too close to home.

Armed with her best friend, a ghost, and a man she’s unsure if she can trust, Raven is forced onto the gas-lit streets of London. She must solve the string of murders that’s almost identical to a case from before she was born before she becomes the next victim.

With her family tree rotting at the roots, creatures of the night slithering from the shadows, and a romantic interest that’s more confusing than ever, can Raven make the ultimate sacrifice to save the ones she loves? Or will the darkness take her forever?

Victorian society? Ghosts? Serial killer? I’m snagging it right now.

A Hint of Magic

She’s looking for a hint of magic in her world…
Dora Carridine is fed up with her life as a preacher’s daughter and sets out to explore the darker side of life instead. If she can find some magic in the world, then maybe she will find a place she belongs.

When she comes across a coven of witches, she takes on their trials to try and join them. But the witches aren’t all they appear to be, and Dora finds herself slipping into a darker world than she imagined.

She has to make a choice to do the right thing, but Dora’s never been very good at doing anything right…

This one appears quite fun. Grab your copy!

Issiryth’s Curse

Her children were missing. What choice did she have?

When her children end up going through a portal to another world, Liza’s worst fears as a mother are realized. She was desperate to find her kids. Blane was desperate to have her. The portal to Sedania made it all more complicated. Overwhelmed with a fiery passion, Liza will have to resist the temptation of falling into Blane’s trap. Will his sinister intentions ever be revealed? Anything can happen on the islands of Sedania.

This fantasy romance will take you on a wild adventure, begging the question if love and hate can reside in the same heart. Where villains are not all bad, and good guys are not all good, this series will take you through many twists and turns. Sedania is a place of dreams, but nightmares do not fall too far behind.

I’d snag this one right now.

Be sure to grab them all before the deal ends.


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